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First Baptist Church of Avon Park

We are excited to inform you that we are in the process of converting many of our old Children's Programs, Youth Choir Musicals, Adult Choir Musicals and Special Events to DVD. Below is a list of what we have converted so far. You can click on the name and it will bring up a copy of the program for you to review. If you would like, you can contact the church office and order a copy of the DVD.

1980-06-22--Down By The Creek Bank (Children's Choir)

1981-02-22--Guest Speaker Clebe McClary

1981-04-19--It Took A Miracle (Adult Choir)

1981-07-19--Terry & Colette Clark

1981-08-29--Joy Band

1981-12-20--Everybody Will Be Praisin' The Lord (Adult Choir)

1982-02-28--The Mountain Song (Youth Choir)

1982-03-20/21--Alan Bennett - Youth Pastor

1982-05-16--Jesus The Rock (Adult Choir)

1982----------1982 Youth Mission Tour Report

1982-08-01--1982 Mission Tour Commissioning Service

1982-12-12--The Reason for the Season (Reflections-Youth)

1982-12-15--Dinner Theater

1982-12-19--Christmas Rhapsody (Adult Choir)

1983-01-19--Sunday Music Specials

1983-06-12--We Are the Reason

1983---------Anything Goes Olympics

1983-12-11--Welcome to the World (The New Edition)

1983-12-18--Noel Jesus Is Born (Adult Choir)

1983-07-03--The Fabric of Freedom (Adult Choir)


1984-05-20--Dreamer (Youth Choir)

1984-07-21--An Evening with Daphne Wall

1984-09-30--Homecoming Celebration

1984---------Back to the Creek Bank

1984---------Backyard Bible School/Daytona By the Sea w/Daphne

1984-12-09--Angels Aware

1984-12-16--Noel - Jesus Is Born

1985-04-31--Children's Choir Celebration

1985-12-15--Love Has Come (Spirit of Joy-Youth)

1985-12-18--Children's Christmas Special

1985-12-22--Cradle the King

1986-04-27--Surrender (Youth Musical)

1986-05-04--Celebrate Families with Terry Clark Family

1986-05-18--Children's Choir Celebration

1986-12-04--Emmanuel God With Us

1986-12-11--Ken Medema Concert

1986-12-17--The Gift Goes On (Young Musicians)

1986-12-21--Everlasting Light (Adult Choir Musical)

1987-03-15--Shade Tree Musician - VSP Choir

1987-05-24--Children's Choir Celebration

1987-----------Fat Fat Jehosephat (Young Musicians)

1987-12-13--The One and Only Original Christmas Factory (Children)

1987-12-16--Children's Choir Carol Sing

1987-12-20--Everlasting Light (Adult Choir Musical)

1988----------Long Range Planning Interviews (Edited)

1988-03-20--Youth Service (PM-Robert Turnbull Preaching)

1988-05-22--Children's Choir Celebration

1988-12-25--Carols of the World (Adult Choir)

1988-12-11--Keyboards and Carols

1989-05-07--Friends Forever

1989-05-31--Sure Foundations (Children)

1989-07-16--GloryBound in Concert

1989-11-12--Say Yes (Youth Choir)

1989-12-13-Children's Choir Program

1990-03-04--The Appointment (Adult Choir)

1990-05-20--Children's Choir Program

1990-10-21--Who Me?

1990-11-18--Acteens Coronation Service

1990-12-16-Everlasting Light

1991-03-03--Some Golden Daybreak (Senior Adult Choir)

1991-06-30--One Nation Under God

1991-12-15--White Christmas

1992-03-01--God Will Take Care (Senior Adult Choir)

1992-05-17--Children's Choir/Awards Service

1992-05-28--Some Enchanted Evening (Suzanne Arant / Bob Lewis)

1992-12-13--Adoration: In Search of a King (Adult Choir)

1992-12-16--Children's Christmas Program

1993-03-07--Remember When (Senior Adult Choir)

1993-05-02--Youth Week Service

1993-12-11--Adoration: In Search of a King (Adult Choir)

1994-03-06--The Appointment (Senior Adult Choir)

1994-06-26--Patriotic Sunday

1994-12-04--Hanging of the Green Service

1994-12-11--Adoration In Search of a King

1995-07-02--We The People Celebrating America (Adult Choir)

1995-12-10--Carols and Classics (Adult Choir)

1996-12-08--Christmas Music Celebration

1996-12-15--Youth Choir Musical

1997-03-02--My Father's World (Senior Adult Choir)

1997-05-04--Power of Praise (Youth Choir)

1997-06-29--PraiSing Service-pm

1997-12-14--I Have Seen the Light (Adult Choir)

1998-03-01--Sweet Memories (Senior Adult Choir)

1998-04-19--The Message (Youth Choir)

1998-05-17--Children's Choir Program

1998-12-13--Because It's Christmas (Adult Choir)

1999-05-30--Because We Believe (Youth Choir)

1999-12-12--Adult Choir Christmas Musical

2000-05------Children's Choir

2000-05-24--Children's Choir Celebration

2000-07-02--Patriotic PraiSing Service

2000-07-16--VBS Family Night

2000-12-10--Children's Choir Program

2000-12-10--Adult Choir Christmas Program

2001-04-29--Living It Up (Youth Choir)

2001-05-13--GA Recognition Service / Sermon on the Mound (Young Musicians)

2001-12-09--Children's Choir Program

2001-12-09--Adult Christmas Musical

2002-02-10--Youth Choir Musical (2 Die 4)

2002-12-15--Children's Choir Christmas Program

2003----------VBS - Shaving Heads

2003-05-21--Children's Choir Program

2003-06-05--Kingdom Caper (VBS Program)

2003-09-28--Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs (Brantley/Lallance/Patterson)

2003-12-14--Children's Choir Christmas Program

2004-04-09--Like A Lamb (Adult Choir)

2004-05-19--Children's Choir Program

2004-06-20--Ready to Fly (Youth Choir)

2004-12-12--Children's Choir Program

2005-05-22--Children's Choir Program

2005-12-11--Christmas Musical (Adult Choir)

2005-12-14--Children's Christmas Program

2006-04-16--Adoration (Adult Choir)

2006-05-17--Children's Choir Program

2006-05-26--Voice of Truth (Youth Choir)

2006-06-16--VBS Family Night

2006-08-06--Josh Virkler (PM)

2006-08-11--Summer Spectacular - Friday

2006-12-10--Let There Be Light (Adult Choir)

2007-03-23--Grace that Amazes (Adult Choir)

2007-05-23--Children's Choir Program

2007-12-19--Children's Choir Program

2008-05-28--Children's Choir Spring Program

2008-12-17--Children's Musical

2008-12-21--Love's Pure Light (Adult Choir)

2009-05-27--Children's Choir Program

2009-12-16--Children's Choir Christmas Program

2009-12-20--Christmas Cantada (Adult Choir)

2010-03-28--When I Survery the Wondrous Cross (Adult Choir)

2010-05-26--Children's Choir Program

2010-12-15--Children's Choir Christmas Program

2010-12-19--Journey of Faith (Adult Choir)

2011-04-17--Evidence of Grace (Adult Choir)

2011-06-01--Children's Choir Program

2011-12-11--Immanuel God With Us (Adult Choir)

2011-12-14--Children's Choir Program

2012-05-30--Big Apple Adventure (Children's Choir Program) 

The 20 Years of our Easter Musical

1983-04-01--The Day He Wore My Crown

1984 - The Day He Wore My Crown

1985 - The Day He Wore My Crown

1986 - The Day He Wore My Crown

1987 - The Day He Wore My Crown

1988 - The Day He Wore My Crown

1989-03-24--The Day He Wore My Crown

1990-04-13--The Day He Wore My Crown

1991-03-28--The Day He Wore My Crown

1992-04-17--The Resurrection Story

1993-04-09--The Resurrection Story

1994-04-01--The Resurrection Story

1995 - The Promise

1996 - The Promise

1997-03-28--The Promise

1998 - The Day He Wore My Crown

1999 - The Day He Wore My Crown

2000 - The Day He Wore My Crown

2001 - The Day He Wore My Crown

2002-03-29--The Promised One


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