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Jesus gave the marching orders over two thousand years ago. As the disciples of Christ stood around him on that mountain in Galilee, many of their questions were answered and their path was made clear. There would be no more confusion as to what they were to do as followers of Christ. His command was simply to go. At its core, First Baptist Church is a Great Commission fellowship. We want to be part of Christ's mission in the world in whatever way possible. Below you'll find just a few of the ways we try to obey Christ's command to reach our community and the world with his gospel.

We currently are involved with the following mission activities at FBC:

Our Giving:

  • Easter missions offering that focuses on North American missions.
  • Mother's Day offering that is specific for the Florida Baptist Children's Home in Lakeland, Florida.
  • September missions offering that focuses on Florida missions.
  • Christmas missions offering that focuses on International missions.

Our Going.

  • We work to develope partnerships in the area of church planting and revitalization.
  • Florida Baptist Children's Home
  • Crisis Pregancy Care Centery
  • World Changers. One of our youth summer mission projects that focuses on partnering with local communities to assist those that less fortunate. This usually consists of roofing, painting, and light maintenance.
  • Weekly food pick up and delivery to food distribution points within Highlands County.
  • Disaster Relief. Several of our members are certified in disaster relief and have been called up to help with clean up and feeding of those affected by natural disasters.